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At the beginning of the online age, there was darkness. Nobody knew how to create a functional website. Thus began the era of common reasoning.

I have bet on another card: logic, methodology, testing. After ten years, I published the first Czech book on web design in 2014. But that is not, in itself, sufficient for operational knowledge.

Along with other experts, I have founded a new house: the House of Řezáč. We’re now making sense of the chaos of websites under one common crest.

Jan Řezáč, MMXVI

House of Řezáč

Founder of the House
Interaction designer
Feedback can be as loud as laughter. Jan has created a website for students interested in studying at the Brno University of Technology, www.navut.cz. We think he is one of the greatest experts on UX and web structure in the Czech Republic, and that’s why we’ve chosen him for a website whose range and form has no Czech equal. His reliability, consistency, and quick responses are just a bonus to all of this.
Pavla Ondrušková, marketing specialist, Brno University of Technology

The first book
of our House

The first Czech book on web design has already sold out to the crowds of believers and non-believers. We are preparing a reprint.


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