House of Řezáč

We change chaos into order
in B2B demand generation

The world is changing fast, and old ways of doing things aren't working as well anymore.

We help you stand out

Your success always depends on the behavior of people outside of your control.

We have a system to attract and retain customers.

  • We understand your business through our tailored workshops and interviews.

  • We conduct international design research to understand your customers.

  • We map the customer journey, identify the biggest opportunities and create a strategy.

  • We design probes to change customer behavior.

  • We measure the results of our decisions and create an environment for learning.

Our expertise

Customer Experience

There are many roles involved in making a decision in the B2B buyer's journey. We understand their needs, pains and motivations and use these opportunities as leverage to change their behavior for the benefit of your business.

We design plans for websites, customer portals and digital applications based on customer research.

Branding plays an important role in B2B. We'll help you clarify brand positioning and messaging.

We'll also help you quickly validate your business ideas so the team can be more confident about new features, services, messaging, campaigns etc.

User Experience

We help your product teams identify if users reallyneed, understand and can use features and new ideas everyone has about the product. We use variety of frameworks to improve team’s design strategy and better respond to changes in the business environment.

Agile Marketing

Marketing communications are changing rapidly in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. We help your marketing department prepare for the future. We map goals, processes, competencies and improve the operation of the marketing department.

Data analytics

We configure, integrate, analyze and report data from various analytical tools. For example, for websites, we combine Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, server-side tools and heatmap tools to get rich data about website visitors. We also define metrics to measure the actual results of our design decisions and create a learning environment in your organization.

We create a base for other suppliers and internal teams. We don't do visual design, copywriting, ads, social media, PR, etc. But all of these disciplines greatly benefit from a coherent strategy based on customer research and design probes.

Our approach

Result Focused

We help you change the behavior of your customers in a way that benefits your business. Our system is designed to understand customers better, make changes faster and with greater impact on your business.


We work remotely with your teams. All our workshops, research, design and analysis methods are 100% suitable for remote environments. Professional remote facilitation is more efficient and environmentally friendly than face-to-face collaboration.


We co-create deliverables with your teams. This improves the quality of our outputs as well as the design competence of your team. Together, we learn what bets worked and what didn't, improving team expertise and product intuition.


To succeed in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, you must react quickly to changing situations. We design small, crude and relatively inexpensive design probes that help us understand if our idea has a good chance of succeeding, changing customer behavior and bringing us business results.

Our customers

We work with B2B marketing & digital product teams that need to communicate online and create successful digital marketing strategy, digital products and digital services.

List of selected recent customers:


B2B & B2C international research, digital strategy, website & B2B portal for global bent furniture manufacturer.


B2B digital strategy, application, multiple websites design and long-term digital ecosystem improvement for global heavy machinery data company.

Y Soft

Website audit for global B2B printing software brand.


B2B international research & customer journey map for premium global DXP brand.

Konica Minolta

B2B international research & customer portal design for global printer manufacturer.


B2B & B2C website blueprint for global luxury glass design brand.

About us

Razor-sharp website book

House of Řezáč was founded in 2015 by Jan Řezáč, leading Czech digital designer with 20 years experience.
Jan is also an author of bestseller Web ostrý jako břitva – the most popular book about digital design process in Czech Republic.
House of Řezáč has 18 specialists – most of us are researchers, digital designers and analysts.